A global cultural heritage

His beauty: legendary. His gaze: intense. His nature: fiery. Just like the passion he unleashes. A horse of gods and men, the purebred Arabian is a living legend. Since the dawn of time, it has enchanted, captivated and brought people together across the world and throughout the ages. Beloved by all, it is part of humanity’s common history and our shared, global cultural heritage.

Paris, capital of the Arabian Horse

More than 40 years after the first edition of the World Arabian Horse Championship, the prince of the desert shines on in Paris at this unmissable event honouring an elite sector, cornerstone of the equestrian world. During the three days of the Championship, Paris rises to become capital of the Arabian Horse, paying a prestigious tribute to this ancestral breed. Through this iconic and deeply moving event, France unites continents and cultures around a shared passion for the art of the Arabian. The nation becomes centre stage for a tradition that it has shared and preserved across borders and centuries.

An elite sector

This extraordinary cultural gathering celebrates and rewards the unparalleled qualities of the purebred Arabian. To compete here is to contribute to raising its elite breeding standards. The grace, stamina and intelligence of the Arabian horse have endured through the ages. The elites of the equestrian world preserve these noble talents and characteristics from generation to generation on their stud farms and through their unique expertise. For the sector, the World Championship is the culmination of an exceptional journey and a special moment for owners, breeders, coaches, trainers and members of the jury to exchange knowledge and expertise.

A unique, magical moment

Pull back the curtains and let the show begin! In the spotlight, the purebred Arabian enters the stage. The competing teams and spectators embark on a timeless journey. Everyone marvels at the heritage of this pearl of the Middle East. A unique bond forms between the Championship crowd and the horses. A precious, magical moment in which, for all their differences, human and animal become one.